Wednesday, 22 June 2011

OAP's MSE Challenge

Blogger is being a B*gger and not letting me upload the photo's of my card.
Will try plan X as all other efforts have failed!

Update: 23/06/11 - Blogger let me upload my photo today - HURRAH!

The lovely Toni (aka OAP) set us a recipe challenge on the MSE card making thread.

1 Square Card - check
2 Patterned Papers - check
1 Plain Paper - check
1 Ribbon or Lace - check
1 Focal Point/ Image - check

The only missing ingredient was my imagination but I added a few ounces of grit & determination instead and managed to make a card. Not sure just what sort of card it is but think I'll use it as a notecard as it's not quite pretty enough for a female birthday neither is it particularly male with the flower. All 3 papers are all from a Stamping Up Pad, the image is one I liked when I found it on a leaflet that came through my door! The ribbon, flower & card candy are all from my stash.

Thank you for visiting

Margaret x


  1. Hi Marg
    to get a pic up use HTML xx

  2. well done for determination, I saw the pic on MSE its lovely :)

  3. I am struggling with Mr Bogger too :-( Your card sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing it when you are able to post a pic x

  4. I love the colour tones and they are perfect for your sweet image.

  5. Gorgeous card Margaret - I love the colours in this card, they go so well together. Perfect layout as well.


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