Friday, 20 April 2012

I've Made A Card!

I recently saw a poll on facebook asking how long it took you to make a card, the options started at about 15 minutes and the max time was an hour. It's only taken me a week to make this card......... LOL!

For a change, it hasn't been made to fit any specific need other than if I'd left it any longer I might have forgotten how to......

The image was a LOTV freebie off a recent magazine, coloured with Copics and liberally dusted with glamour dust.
The lace, doily, pearls & flowers have been in my stash for far too long.
One of the backing papers was a gift from my lovely friend Jennie to help me re-discover my MoJo - It worked. Thank you once again x
And the other backing paper was the 'Must Have' item bought a couple of years ago that I believe qualifies me to enter Flying Fresian's MSE challenge.

Thank you for looking

Margaret x