Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Birthday Cards

At last, I've managed to take photos of the lovely handcrafted cards I received for my birthday. Don't they look wonderful? I must confess I haven't taken all the shop bought ones down yet as the sitting room will look so bare without them but I will have to bite the bullet tomorrow as the dust is accumulating!

From the top L to R they are from Jennie (The Wife), Debbie (Padster) Caroline (CT1972) Sarah ( Rainmac) Alison (Ali.b) and Jo (Jowri)
Next row Dawn (Addams) Claire (Wanna b) Claire (Mad frog) Toni (OAP) Jenny (Dragonllew) front Jan (Scatty Jan) back Susan (a friend from infant school!)
Bottom row Connie (Mum of friend Susan) Charlotte (my God Daughter) Susan (TomsMum) Karen (Flourgirl) and Tina (artydoll).

My photography skills aren't great at the best of times and the camera battery ran flat in the middle of the photo 'shoot' so the lighting on some of the following is a bit grim. Sorry! But I can assure you that in real life they all look fabulous and were very much appreciated.

Now I've photographed them I'm going to rearrange the huge noticeboard in my office so I can squeeze them all on there - not an easy task as it is already full of all the other hand crafted cards I've received, maybe it's time to move the Christmas cards from 18 months ago?

Toni Jenny & Tina

Karen Susan & Charlotte

Sarah Jo & Alison

Caroline Dawn & Claire

Jennie Debbie & Jan

Susan Claire & Connie

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet

Margaret xx

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