Friday, 29 October 2010

Overdue Thank You Update...........

The following cards have been on my mantlepiece for a while and I have just realised I should have blogged them ages ago. The ATC and the pink card were summer time Crafty Place swaps and the other two are Thank You cards from my MSE friends that I wanted to share with you they are all so lovely!

This is the ATC Sarah (aka rainmac) made for the Crafty Place topic 'Water'. Just check out the little umbrella charm she included. I love the aqua colours.
This was from Ruth (aka furrypig) for the Crafty Place card swap topic 'Texture'. I love it! I'd never thought of using card candy like that on a scalloped card but you can be sure I will do one day soon! Ruth, I can email you this pic if you'd like it for your records - I think you said you forgot to photograph it before you sent it to me?
Something tells me I should have rotated this first! 
I've had such a struggle to get these photo's here that you'll all just have to risk your necks. This was a thank you card from Mary (aka MaryOP) for a few bits I sent her. Once again, I love the aqua and brown colour mix & how fiddly must it have been to fix that delicate fringe and button?

And finally...........
Isn't this delightful? I've always been wary of using black on cards but this shows how to do it & do it well. It's a fab mix of aqua, brown & black with flowers & pins from Melissa (aka Melissa75). I'm embarrassed to say that I sent Melissa a !!shop bought!! card when she moved house as I was away from home unable to craft and as a 'thank you' she sent me this beauty I was humbled (and very grateful) to receive it.

Thank you also to some of my MSE friends who have sent me little gifts recently for no other reason than they are lovely thoughtful ladies.
Jennie, (aka The Wife) Karen, (aka Flourgirl) & Sarah (aka Rainmac)

Take a bow!
Margaret x


  1. Beautiful cards Margaret xxx

  2. What sweet cards you've received and you're worth it.

  3. Lovely card, love the colours


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